How to Get Hydrated?

Answer Keeping your body hydrated is important, especially when you least expect that there might be such a need, such as when it is cold and windy.

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How to Stay Hydrated?

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What is a hydrated proton?

A hydrated proton is also called a hydronium ion, and is represented by the chemical equation H3O+. Hydronium ions create the acidic properties of acidic water solutions. A hydrated proton is, in ... Read More »

Is a hydronium ion a hydrated proton?

A hydronium ion is a hydrated proton, which is also protonated water. The molecule is HCO3 (the bicarbonate ion) with a +1 charge; it's an acid when it's in solution.References:National Institute o... Read More »

How to Tell if You're Hydrated?

Being hydrated leads toward good health but, did you know, that you can die from being deprived of water for to long. follow these steps to tell if you've been drinking enough water.