How to Get Hercules to Come with You on Mythology Island on "Poptropica"?

Answer Hercules, son of Zeus, runs a cafe on Mythology Island in the online game "Poptropica," where he spends his days signing autographs for a fee. You need Hercules's strength to get to some locations ... Read More »

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How Do You Make the Bridge at Mythology Island on "Poptropica"?

Poptropica, a virtual word and adventure game, consists of a series of islands. On each island, you must complete quests to gain items and progress through the story. Mythology Island, an area base... Read More »

How to Beat Spy Island on Poptropica?

You want to beat Spy Island on Poptropica? Here is how:

How to Get to Poseidon on "Mythology Island"?

The Mythology Island section of "Poptropica" deals with Zeus going mad and threatening to take over everything. The only way to stop him is to collect artifacts from other beings that are equally p... Read More »

How to Complete Early Poptropica Island?

Poptropica has many fun and educational islands. Learn how to complete Early Poptropica by reading this article.