How to Get Help if Your Child Is Using Drugs?

Answer Do you suspect that your child is using an illegal substance? If you are a parent in this unfortunate situation, you need answers and solutions to help both you and your child get the help you need... Read More »

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How to Help a Child With Attention Deficit Disorder Without Using Drugs?

ADD and ADHD are two of the most commonly diagnosed disorders in children. Gone are the days of "boys will be boys." Busy lifestyles and increased demands outside the home have led to less and less... Read More »

How to Know If Your Child is Using Drugs or Alcohol?

One of the most frightening experience parents can face is the discovery of drug and alcohol use by their child. This can happen to even the very best parents out there.

Can a father lose custody if he is accused of using drugs in the past by mother of child?

Answerto be honst it all depends im in rolled @ Bryant&stratton for crimanl justice nd think she woul need prof of you using drugs and ifyou wanted you can voltier to take a drug test just to make ... Read More »

If you want to contest custody because you believe that the legal custodian of a child is using drugs how do you get a court to order a drug test?

Answer Contact DCFS (social services) give them the needed information and request they do an investigation. If they find proof of drug use they will remove the child(ren) from the home. A court he... Read More »