How to Get Help and Support if You've Lost Your Baby / Child to Adoption?

Answer A family often feels a great sense of loss when they place a child for adoption. Here are some resources for finding help in your area, or online.

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If you sign over your parental rights in kansas to a child due to an adoption and it didn't go through do you still have to pay child support?

If you were born in California, there is a free reunion registry for adoptees and biological birth family members including birthmother, birthfather, and birthsiblings to locate each other and reun... Read More »

Do you have to pay child support if you give your children up for adoption?

Yes, until they are adopted. If they have to be in foster care first you have to pay. Once adopted the child becomes the adoptive parents child in every way, including financial obligations like ch... Read More »

Does a father still have to pay child support if he consents to adoption?

Yes, every child has the rights to find their biological parents. For an instance their health. It's for the child to decide, give them a chance to decide for themselves. When they are adults they... Read More »

The Child Support Laws for Arrearage After Adoption in Virginia?

Adoption of a child can be a very complicated process. In Virginia, an adoption is not actually final until the child has been placed at least 14 months in the new home. It could be up to 22 months... Read More »