How to Get Help With Linux?

Answer Linux support and documentation can be hard to find. Many people simply keep switching distros. If you seek help for a specific problem in the following order you are less likely to engender ill-wi... Read More »

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Pardon me but I need help with Linux. Cam you help, hurry?

you mean like this one, from scratch

I need help with linux?

Even better... this is online: have found this site to be invaluable when trying to learn new things in linux. Have you decided on a Distro yet?

Can you help me with using Linux?

System commands you can use to view the contents of the file are:cat (this will do a quick dump of the file to the screen)less (this will give you a scrollable display which is good for long files ... Read More »

More help with Linux?

potato@couch:~$ five_plus_three=`expr 5 + 3`potato@couch:~$ echo $five_plus_three8potato@couch:~$ five_plus_three=0potato@couch:~$ echo $five_plus_three0potato@couch:~$ five_plus_three=$((5 + 3))po... Read More »