How to Get Help When Trapped?

Answer In case you ever have the misfortune to become trapped somewhere with no air, or crushed under huge rocks, here are some tips to getting out okay and surviving.

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HELP!!! I'm trapped in my closet please help!?

Use your internet power to go to textfree, Its a website where you can text for free. Make a user account and then text a contact your plight. Turn the brightness on your l... Read More »

Im trapped in a box and someone put something on top of it and now I cannot get out. HELP!!!?

But funnily enough you still have access to a computer!

Help!! I have the worst trapped wind in the world right now!!?

I suggest that pain this severe may be something else, see a school nurse, infirmary help, or a doctor better yet. In the mean time, this next suggestion won't hurt you, accept the taste may not be... Read More »

When is trapped comming out on DVD?