How to Get Help When In a Abusive Relationships?

Answer When you are in an abusive relationship, don't suffer in silence. If you are being physically, sexually, or emotionally abused, it is important to end the relationship immediately.

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How to Prevent Abusive Relationships?

Are you the abuser? Do you see signs that you could potentially go that way? Would you like to backslap a whimpering person? Or are you the abusee? Do you seek out stronger voices than yours to hel... Read More »

What are the statistics on abusive relationships 2008?

Statistics On Abusive Relationships in 2008: There are only guestimates when it comes to statistics on abusive relationships simply because a large percentage of victims (especially men that are a... Read More »

How do emotionally abusive and sometimes absent fathers affect their sons relationships with others?

Amazingly, some boys rise above it and grow up NOT repeating the neglect and abuse, and can maintain solid relationships. However, many boys become resentful, mad, and maladjusted as they grow into... Read More »

Did Oprah Winfrey write a book on Abusive relationships and if so where can it be foubd?

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