How to Get Hard Stuck-On Dirt Off Your Car?

Answer Vehicle paint is subjected to many harsh factors, such as dirt, tar, road salt, bird droppings, brake dust and other common contaminants. If left unchecked, these contaminants can damage the vehicl... Read More »

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How to Keep Dirt and Grease From Getting Stuck Under Fingernails?

If you're working on your car, tending to your garden or doing any other dirty activity that involves getting your digits in some serious muck, pre-treat your fingernails. When you get lots of grea... Read More »

How to Build Dirt Jumps (BMX/Hard Tail)?

Making dirt jumps isn't too hard if you really put your mind to it. Don't give up because you don't think it will be worth it - it is! Also, get plenty of friends to help you it makes everything so... Read More »

Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner that is hard to push?

The first automatic vacuum cleaner was patented by Hubert Booth.

How to Remove Really Stuck and Stubborn Hard Stuff From a Pot?

Stuck-on and stubborn foods can be hard to remove from a pot, especially those that are frequently placed in the oven for baking. Foods such as dairy products and marinated meats are the most commo... Read More »