How to Get Hair Made Into a Wig?

Answer Early wigs were made with goatskin that functioned as a surrogate scalp for poking hair through with an embroidery needle. Today we use other materials but still use the tried-and-true method of ty... Read More »

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Where can i have my hair made into wig?

Here's a site that makes wigs from your own hair: It's pretty expensive . . . thousands of dollars. Your aunt's hair loss is temporary. Many times, women choose n... Read More »

How to Turn Frizzy Hair Into Super Straight Hair Quickly?

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How to Make Tightly Curly Hair Into Loosely Curled Hair?

It's the paradox of the ages. No matter what your hair texture, you're always looking to change up. Those with straight hair want to go wavy or curly. Those with strong wave or curl patterns opt fo... Read More »

How to Convert Limp, Oily Hair into Shiny, Bouncy Hair?

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