How to Get Hair Dye Off Fingernails?

Answer Hair dye, like nail polish, stains a variety of surfaces including countertops, sink faucets, bathroom flooring and even your clothes. The dye is difficult to remove from clothing and can permanent... Read More »

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What makes hair&fingernails grow?

Most hair grows about a 1/2 inch per month, although hair may grow faster during the summer months. The growth of your hair is determined mostly by your hormones and genetics, according to the Mayo... Read More »

Do Fingernails & Hair Grow the Same Amount?

Looking great and caring for your appearance is a top priority for many individuals. The fingernails and hair command a lot of attention in the beauty world. The health and growth of the nails and... Read More »

Does a person's fingernails and hair continue to grow after death?

Fingernails and hair do not continue to grow after death, despite the common myth to the contrary. The human body dehydrates after death, causing skin to shrink and tighten. This may result in the ... Read More »

What can fingernails tell us?

Umm... not much. If they are yellow or abnormally colored you might have fungus. If you have overall poor nutrition--not enough vitamins and minerals--you might get weak or bumpy nails.