How to Get Guys to Like You for Your Personality and Not Your Looks?

Answer Guys can be strange creatures sometimes. Make them look at your personality and not your body.

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Can you be pregnant if your stomach has been getting big and when you suck in your stomach it feels and looks like someone is crushing your ribs?

Answeryes because if your stomach is looking like something is there that is in baby form and is where the baby should be than I would go and take a pregnancy test and I am a doctor so I would list... Read More »

You had dry-sex with your boyfriend a week ago and you are terrified that you might be pregnant 3 guys told you that your tummy looks big Am you pregnant HELP?

#1 you dont start showing until at least 16 weeks. So people saying your stomach is looking big does not indicate your pregnant #2 dry sex, unless he ejaculated on your vagina, then there is no pos... Read More »

How to Dress Like Your Personality?

This is how to dress like yourself. Whether your personality is sporty, girly, outgoing,or imaginative, this has it all!

What should you do if you have insects in your home especially around the window that are so small when you press your finger on one it just looks like a gray smudge?

Get Rid of Tiny Bugs Call the exterminator. To get rid of them yourself, you can use "Hot Shot" bug bomb spray cans. It is great stuff, very effective. Follow directions on the can.