How to Get Guys in the Neighborhood to Be Your Friends(For Girls)?

Answer Hanging out with guys in the summer time is great. Here are some tips on how to get started.

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Girls-Why can't guys look at your boobs?

just because a girl wears a low shirt doesn't mean necessarily that she wants guys to look at her boobs. a decent guy would just glance quick and look away. Some girls just wanna look up to date wi... Read More »

GUYS in your teens to 20s: do you like pale girls?

In terms of personally preference, yes.A couple years ago, when I watched Doctor Who, there was an actor named Karen Gillan. She's really pale too, I found her really attractive!

Guys:what's your favorite eye color for girls?

I'm a guy and I think that they all have some bonuses.Blue always seems charismatic.Brown seems Friendly and cute.But I prefer blue to brown.But I also like those eyes that when you look deep into... Read More »

Guys, what is your ideal lip size for girls.?