How to Get Green out of Blonde Hair?

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Green eyes blonde hair?

I think its great! Thats what I have as well.

How to Dye Hair From Blonde to Brown Without Green?

Dyeing naturally blond hair brown shouldn't pose too many problems. However, if your hair color is not naturally blond, dyeing it brown can sometimes add a little greenish tint to it. To prevent yo... Read More »

How to Remove Green Tone From Blonde Hair?

If you have blonde hair, you may notice that if you swim in a chlorinated swimming pool, your hair becomes discolored. The same tint of green can also appear when your hair has been exposed to too ... Read More »

How to Get Green Tint From Chlorine Out of Blonde Hair?

Blonde hair and chlorine are a bad combination. Blondes who swim regularly know this first hand. When chlorine builds up in your hair, you can find yourself with a head of green hair. There are som... Read More »