How to Get Green out of Blonde Hair?

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Green eyes blonde hair?

I think its great! Thats what I have as well.

Shampoo to Get Rid of Green Tint in Blonde Hair?

Blonde hair can take on a green tint for a variety of reasons. If you swim often in chlorinated pools, your hair can take on a green tint. Swimming pools contain oxidized metals including copper.Th... Read More »

How to Remove Green Tone From Blonde Hair?

If you have blonde hair, you may notice that if you swim in a chlorinated swimming pool, your hair becomes discolored. The same tint of green can also appear when your hair has been exposed to too ... Read More »

How to Prevent Blonde Hair from Turning Green?

You're a natural bubbly blonde and you love the pool. You have a date and your hair is GREEN! Read this article to learn how to prevent this situation.