How to Get Great Body and Bounce to Your Hair?

Answer So, wanting hair that magazines would be proud of and a body stars would pay for? Look no further my friend... here's how you do it.

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What is more important in carrying off haute couture - a great body or a great attitude on the ramp?

A perfect combination of a great body as well as a great attitude on the ramp, is what it takes to pull off haute couture with ease and aplomb.Possession of a great body and a good metabolism, is d... Read More »

Would you rather have a Great Body and a Terrible self-body-image, or an OK body and a Great self-body-image?

Okay body and great self-body-image. Confidence is attractive and important enough to make up for the eh-ish body. Plus, I know what having a poor image of yourself is like... I would like to live ... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Have Bounce?

Big, bouncy hair isn't just for a 1980's or "Jersey Shore" Halloween costume. Natural oils, thinning and lack of moisture all rob your hair of its naturally vivacious appearance. Achieving bouncy l... Read More »

How to Make Your Straightened Hair Have Bounce?

Your straightened hair may look sleek and professional. Unfortunately, your newly straightened mane can also look flat and one-dimensional. Adding a little bounce to your hair completely changes th... Read More »