How to Get Good at Squirt Gun Fighting?

Answer Do you ever get soaked in a squirt gun fight and after that you are still getting soaked? ALL THE TIME? Follow this article and you'll most likely see a difference in your skill!

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How to Be Good at Pillow Fighting?

Have you ever had a sleep over/slumber party and stink at pillow fights? This article will help you.

How to Become Good at Knife Fighting?

Knives are interesting weapons, because they are in between swords and fists. Rugged, drop-point knives work great for self defense against muggers and the like on the streets.

How to Be Good at Fist Fighting?

Fist fighting, whether it be for self-defense, dealing with crap talkers or just for fun is a pretty important skill to know, but it takes a little bit of understanding to get decent at. Keep in mi... Read More »

Any good remedies for fighting off a cold?

Vitamin C in the form of either supplements or oranges is good.