How to Get Good at Playing Guitar Chords?

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How to Write a Good First Song With Guitar Chords?

playing guitar can be hard when you start off. but if you start to write songs it can be much more fun. and you will get better an better.

How to Get Good at Playing Guitar?

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What is a good device for video recording myself playing guitar?

Well however you do it you will need a mic. Dont get usb there terrible. A good one can be had for about pounds philips or Sony. There are other brands too. Those are the ones i know. Download aud... Read More »

Are Sony SXRD sets good for playing Guitar Hero games?

On One Hand: SXRD Is Pretty GoodSony SXRD technology allows for a higher resolution and provides high levels of detail, clarity and contrast. These details can make for a positive gaming experience... Read More »