How to Get Good Lighting When Taking a Picture?

Answer Photography is all about light. In Greek, the word photography means writing with light, therefore it is up to the photographer to work with the surroundings and manipulate it and the camera in ord... Read More »

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How to Have Good Lighting when Taking Pictures of Fish?

Fish are hard to take pictures of all because of the lighting.. especially because they're in water. Well,this article will help you fix your lighting good to where you can take excellent pictures ... Read More »

What are three simple tips for taking a good picture?

Framing, lighting, and rule of thirds (which kinda goes with framing...but whatever)....Framing: Make sure you zoom in on what you're shooting. Having a speck of a person and miles of beach is no... Read More »

What is a good digital camera that is great for any picture taking occasion?

Well first you have to understand that P&S cameras no longer use CF memory cards. Only the semi-pro and pro dSLR still use these robust memory cards.Second The G-12 is about as close as you get ge... Read More »

When taking a picture, what causes the red eye effect?

It's caused by the light of the flash reflecting of the retina of the subject's eyes.Most modern digital cameras give of 4 to 5 lights before taking the actual photo, letting the pupils close a bit... Read More »