How to Get Full Custody From 50/50 Custody in Michigan?

Answer Child custody in Michigan is established through divorce cases, family support cases or paternity cases, according to the Michigan courts website. Michigan custody orders determine where the child ... Read More »

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If both parents have 5050 custody of children what happens if one parent becomes incarcerated does that parent lose their custody?

How to Get Full Custody in Michigan?

Custody refers to the legal responsibility and rights of a child. Unless there is compelling evidence for the court to rule otherwise, parents typically share joint custody in the event of a divorc... Read More »

If you have full physical custody but joint legal custody can your ex have the child baptized without your permission?

Answer That depends on whether it is stated in your parenting agreement as to who has the right to make religious decisions. Is it addressed? Is decision making joint? If this issue is not addresse... Read More »

Could a stepfather get custody of your 2 girls if something should happen to you you have full custody and their biological father has a criminal history?

In order for the stepfather to gain custody in the event of the mother's death, there would first have to be a number of circumstances. If the father is no longer in jail, has a job, home, and a me... Read More »