How to Get French Letters on an English Keyboard?

Answer French letters are alphabet letters that are unique to the French language. These letters have extra symbols added to letters that English speakers are familiar with. Traditional QWERTY keyboards o... Read More »

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How to Type French Accents on an English Keyboard?

The accent over certain letters in French language words changes the sound of the letter and the pronunciation of the word. If you use French words in documents or emails, then you might want to in... Read More »

What's the best French-English-French dictionary for PC, with phonetics or pronunciations?

this might not be what you looking for...but this site is a good online dictionary, French-English and English-Frenchand also has pronunciation,synonyms and ...

Why are the letters on a keyboard placed as they are?

Lore has it that it is placed that way to make typing harder/slower so that the old mechanical typewriters could "keep up" with the typing speeds of the typists. The long arms that had the letter... Read More »

Why does my keyboard not type the letters sometimes?

Could you have split some on the keyboard do you eat when typing could food of fallen onto the keyboard .There is a possibility its a faulty keyboard but if this has just happened i would go and re... Read More »