How to Get Free Money for Schools?

Answer PTAs need to become quite adept at seeking free money for their students. With most school budgets being cut, items such as computers, special books, or supplies used to enhance a child's education... Read More »

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On the text free app for ipod touch is it always free or does it cost money at some point?

Text plus is an awesome app. completely free. I would get text free with voice. You then can call and text and that is free too. You have to send at least 1 text a month in order to keep your numbe... Read More »

How can schools raise money?

Money is needed by schools for a variety of reasons. A school can raise money by organizing fund raisers and other group activities. It's just a matter of getting everyone involved.Car WashFind a v... Read More »

Money Saving Ideas for Schools?

Schools, just like any other business, can quickly and easily remove extra expenses and save money by simply looking at their budget and analyzing spending. Ask teachers and all employees to be inv... Read More »

Are schools tax free?

According to the Foundation Center, public schools--kindergarten to 12th grade--are considered government instruments, and therefore are exempt of taxes. Private schools can apply for 501(c)(3) sta... Read More »