How to Get Free Land in the USA?

Answer It might seem impossible to some people to think that there is any way that in this day and age a person could actually get anything for free , no less free land in the United States of America. Bu... Read More »

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Is star 67 free to dial on land lines first best anwser gets it!?

*67 is totally free! and its the only star feature that is free with any phone or cell provider!!

If I call a toll free 800 number from a land line phone, am I charged anything?

If you make a toll free call from your home phone(land line) Then the call is free. With cell phones you are still charged if you are on a min to min plan. Sucks huh?mx

National Free Long Distance Service is avalaible for land lines plans in the US or just for cellulars?

yes, you are right! just cell phones and VoIP,also SIP providers!

Can you get broadband without a land land line or at least with another phone company other than bt?

you can have several choices...thru cable...or a naked DSL-line( non-home-phone-line) or the best at last wif-fi got to see all your providers, and make a wise decision! the wi-fi ... Read More »