How to Get Finger Nail Polish out of Clothes?

Answer What a common problem, Nail Varnish in your clothes. Here this will tell you how to get it out.

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I tried using nail polish remover to get a fake nail off and now my finger feels weird?

Soaking your finger in alcohol even for a few minutes will make your finger kind of "pruney" Alcohol will suck out the moisture and dry out your skin (kind of like the effect of keeping your finger... Read More »

How to Remove Nail Polish From Cotton Clothes When Nail Polish Remover Will Not Remove It?

Nail polish is one of the most stubborn stains to remove from fabrics, especially cotton clothing. This synthetic polymer based chemical is waterproof, and when it's spilled on your clothing it can... Read More »

Toe Nail & Finger Nail Polish Ideas?

Coloring nails has been around for thousands of years. In China, woman used egg whites, bees wax and arabic gum to color their nails as early as 3000 B.C. During the Cleopatra era in Egypt, some wo... Read More »

How to Get Finger Nail Polish Out?

Women and young girls almost everywhere use nail polish to accessorize their wardrobes and make bold fashion statements. Unfortunately, the polish doesn't always end up on finger nails. Nail polish... Read More »