How to Get Financial Help With a Home Mold Problem?

Answer Finding mold in a home can be scary and upsetting. Aside from the health or allergy problems that can occur from mold, cleaning up the mess can be costly. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ... Read More »

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How to Know If Your Home Has a Mold Problem?

The earlier you can detect the growth of mold in your home, the better a chance you have to control it. Early detection and treatment are very important, as long term exposure to mold can cause hea... Read More »

Problem with financial aid...?

They're going to make it hard on you. You need to go down to the financial aid office and tell them you get Zero support from you parents and you can't list them. If you don't get help from one pe... Read More »

How to Get Your Landlord to Fix a Mold Problem?

You'd probably don't need something like this.There is a mold problem. But your landlord is still unconvinced. Here's how.

How to get rid of reoccurring black mold problem?

In all fairness this is the only real way to deal with this intrusive problem,…