How to Get Fertility Treatments?

Answer Many couples take great care to prevent pregnancy before they are ready to add children to their family, so it may come as a shock when they later have trouble conceiving. The majority of couples w... Read More »

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Should governments fund fertility treatments?

If the government is funding health insurance then yes, they should cover fertility treatments as infertility is a medical condition (with the exception of vasectomy, tubal ligation etc . . . )Reso... Read More »

Why do infertile couples spend so much money on fertility treatments before considering adoption?

Infertility is a very tough thing to come to grips with. Speaking as someone who faced it, I had a lot of anger to overcome. It's hard when every month you cry your eyes out and meanwhile, all yo... Read More »

Fertility Over the Age of 40?

With the increase of multiple births in the last few decades comes increased attention on fertility and methods to raise fertility levels. The percentage of women over the age of 30 experiencing th... Read More »

How to Use Fertility Charting?

Trying to conceive can be a frustrating experience for many couples. While some couples become pregnant without even trying, other couples endure months or even years of fruitless trying in an atte... Read More »