How to Get Felonies Taken Off Your Record in Colorado?

Answer In many states, felonies for various crimes are eligible to be removed from your record. In Colorado, however, getting a felony removed is limited to certain specific conditions: 1) all charges w... Read More »

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How long do felonies stay on your record?

Although many cities and states differ, it is reasonable to say that felonies will stay on a person's record for life or until expunged by petitioning the court where the felony was prosecuted.Sour... Read More »

Can a felony charge be taken off your record in Florida?

A felony cannot be taken off (or expunged) from your record in the state of Florida if it is a crime that you were convicted of and you were sentenced with a guilty status. If your felony charge wa... Read More »

How long does a felony stay on your record in Colorado?

An adult felony conviction remains on a person's record indefinitely, unless she receives a pardon from the governor, according to Colorado law. Some felony drug convictions that do not involve the... Read More »

Would your work hire a guy With three felonies?

Well, I do believe people can change. When I had my Landscaping Business I would hire anyone who wanted to work. I did hire a guy with a Felony (One) and he was a good worker and never caused troub... Read More »