How to Get Faster at Tetris?

Answer Tetris is a simple game -- various shaped blocks fall to the bottom of a screen and you must form them into piles that will fill each row. Avoid creating gaps. As the speed increases the difficulty... Read More »

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Do they have tetris for the wii?

Nintendo sells Tetris Party for the Wii. According to, the game uses the Wii balance board and multiplayer aspects in the game. The balance board is not required to play.Source:Tetris ... Read More »

How to Get Better at Tetris?

You may have seen certain players that are extremely good at Tetris - as in, they move so fast that you're not even sure they're human anymore. Here's how to improve your skills and play at a highe... Read More »

How to Get Tetris in "MapleStory"?

In the massively multiplayer, online role-playing video game "MapleStory," you can play mini-games with friends. One of these is "Tetris." You can only play the "Tetris" in "MapleStory," however, i... Read More »

Can you play Tetris v 2.8 on a PSP v 3.90?

There are no official Tetris titles available for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) 3.9. Some hacked versions of Tetris, 2.8 included, can be played on PSP, though this is illegal and unadvisable. Off... Read More »