How to Get False Assault Charges Dismissed?

Answer False accusations undermine the faith people put in the criminal justice system. Over 271 people nationwide have had their convictions overturned since 1992. For some perspective, according to the ... Read More »

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How to Press Assault Charges?

When an assault occurs, someone tries to physically harm you. Although an assault doesn't mean the person actually hit or battered you, the intent makes you feel threatened. Thus, an assault includ... Read More »

Can you press charges against your parents for assault?

Answer It depends on what you consider assault and what age you are.Here are the rules in most states: A parent (in some States) can spank a child, but use no weapon such as a belt, strap, wooden s... Read More »

Can a case be dismissed if a police officer puts false information in his report?

Yes. Since the written report an officer submits is considered his testimony and eyewitness account,any false information included could lead to the dismissal of the case. In such cases, the offic... Read More »

What happens if someone presses assault and battery charges on a marine?

Individuals do NOT "press" charges. Only the state prosecutor can press charges. The most a citizen can can do is REPORT the offense to law enforcement and then let the law take its course.