How to Get Fake Glasses?

Answer Non-prescription, or fake, glasses, can be worn as part of a costume, or even part of a normal ensemble. Fake glasses are a trend started by hipsters -- young people (usually in their 20s or 30s) w... Read More »

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Can I put prescription in fake glasses?

I found a similar frame, and the seller claims to be able to put prescription lenses into it.

How to Spot Fake Chanel Glasses?

Coco Chanel opened a small boutique in Paris, France in 1914, launching the Chanel fashion and accessory line. Today, Chanel is one of the most lauded fashion empires of the world, renowned for its... Read More »

My glasses broke and im wearing my old glasses with a lower prescription, is it okay?

Call an optometrist, they will tell you over the phone. An optometrist actually gave my brother a bit lower prescription on purpose saying that his vision would actually improve over time.

I wear glasses, when i have them on, do i see what people who don't need glasses see?

Pretty much if you are young and still have normal accommodation = ability to focus. When you get old like me and can't easily change the focus of your lens, even with glasses you still cannot see ... Read More »