How to Get Failing Grades Taken Off of Your College Transcripts?

Answer After you register for a college class, a number of things can occur out of your favor. For example, you may have financial troubles or simply have difficulty understanding the subject at first. Wh... Read More »

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What Grades Appear on College Transcripts?

A college transcript is a document that summarizes a student's educational record at a particular institution. Transcripts are considered in several situations such as when a student applies to tra... Read More »

How to Get Better Grades when You're Almost Failing?

If you are getting bad grades and your parents are about to kill you, you need help! Keep reading (it's good for your brain) for quick tips to bump your 65 to a 95!

What Grades Go on High School Transcripts?

As year near the end of high school, it may be time for you to start thinking about applying to colleges. Each college admissions office will want to know all about its potential students. Reportin... Read More »

Do high school transcripts include P.E. grades?

Complete, official transcripts include all coursework taken during high school, including physical education, or P.E., if it is a required course for graduation. According to the Centers for Diseas... Read More »