How to Get F.E.A.R. Combat for Free?

Answer First Encounter Assault Recon, more commonly known as F.E.A.R., is a horror first person shooter for the PC. Monolith Productions, the people who made F.E.A.R., decided to release F.E.A.R. Combat (... Read More »

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Childbirth - fear causes pain, fear can be overcome?

Oooh I read about this when I was pregnant, found it really interesting. I've not had time to read through everyone else's answers, so apologies if I'm repeating anyone. I read a book on hypnobirt... Read More »

I have a crippling fear of injections how can I get rid of the fear?

Just remember that it will be over in no time and breathe. Close your eyes and DO NOT TENSE UP. If you feel like you are going to faint put your head in between your knees and breathe.

Can you wear both the combat action badge and the combat infrantry badge on the acu uniform?

Can you wear combat infantry badge and combat medical badge?

They could be worn together, as the CIB and EIB are Class 1 badges, and the CMB is a Class 2 badge. However, to be able to do this, you'd have had to serve in combat in one MOS (infantry or medic),... Read More »