How to Get Exercise in College?

Answer Ever heard of the freshman 15? With new friends, new classes, and a whole new environment, it is easy to forget about exercising in college. Below are some tips to help put exercise back into your ... Read More »

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Exercise Tips for College Students?

College, for most people, is a time when they encounter many changes in routine. College students are notorious for keeping odd hours, eating cheap junk food, and gaining a freshman fifteen pounds-... Read More »

How to Exercise and Lose Weight by Turning Everyday Household Chores into an Exercise Routine?

House cleaning can be a great way to reduce mess, sanitize the home and burn calories. Many homeowners and renters do not realize that they burn anywhere from 80 to 500 calories through regular hou... Read More »

How to Do a Flye to Pullover Exercise With an Exercise Ball?

This simple exercise will work out your abs, back and chest, using only an exercise ball.

How to Exercise Inner Thighs With an Elastic Exercise Band?

An elastic exercise band, also known as a resistance band, gives you the ability to perform a variety of exercises that work muscles on nearly every part of your body. To exercise and strengthen th... Read More »