How to Get Excited About Life?

Answer Do you find life to be dull and prosaic? Do you wake up every morning feeling like it's just another day? Well it's time to stop! Learn how to get excited about life!

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Will suffering low blood sugars when I get excited continue on for the rest of my life?

I think that "getting excited" has less to do with it than you forget to eat when you are preoccupied with something else.You need to test frequently and eat on average every 3-4 hours to maintain ... Read More »

I can't believe it! So excited! OMG OMG OMG! (Sorry to be a nut, I'm excited!)?

Oh hunny, I've just started beaming!! :-D That's fantastic news and I'm so happy for you!!!! That's a nice dark BFP too for 13dpo, a great sign of a developing pregnancy. A well deserved BFP :-) No... Read More »

Is anyone excited about 3-D TV?

I'm not. I'm blind in my right eye. So 3-D is not important to me at all. But even if I was fully sighted, it's early days, yet to be getting excited about 3-D TV. I think 4 pairs of glasses should... Read More »

Very excited! I got my BFP today!!?

Oh CONGRATULATIONS honey - That is such wonderful news....I am delighted for you! How far gone does that make you!?!? What a wonderful Birthday prezzie for your DH!!! I honestly wish you all the ve... Read More »