How to Get Excited About Going to School?

Answer This article is about getting excited about going to school. School does not have to be all bad: school is actually very good and-let's be honest-is necessary whether you are in kindergarten or col... Read More »

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Is anyone excited about 3-D TV?

I'm not. I'm blind in my right eye. So 3-D is not important to me at all. But even if I was fully sighted, it's early days, yet to be getting excited about 3-D TV. I think 4 pairs of glasses should... Read More »

How to Get Excited About Life?

Do you find life to be dull and prosaic? Do you wake up every morning feeling like it's just another day? Well it's time to stop! Learn how to get excited about life!

Are you as excited about the FM2 socket APU's as I am?

Yes! In fact, I found a Toshiba laptop that has an A10-4600M in it. (2.3GHz stock, 3.2GHz turbo) I just so happened to be buying a laptop too, so I got it. Can't wait to see how great the 7660G per... Read More »

How to Get Kids Excited About Camp?

Having trouble getting your campers to participate in camp? Kids can get excited about camp all the while having a great time. Campers rely on their counselors to enhance their camp experience. Bei... Read More »