How to Get Exactly What You Want with the Guy You Like?

Answer Okay, so there is that one special guy that you like, right? He's good looking, smart, funny and, well... you want him. It's normally never easy to get yourself the guy you like so read this articl... Read More »

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I want to transform my bod in 6 weeks any strict regime i can follow with exactly what to eat and how much/har?

Get a book called Men's Health Power Training by Robert Dos Remedios. There are no gimmicks and nothing is sugarcoated.

What exactly makes people like bands like MCR or Jonas Brothers?

What is Pheed exactly Is it like Instagram?

Its like instagram except u can post videos and more. But i like instagram better. It is easier to use and u can make urself private.

Why do my farts now smell like exactly what I ate?

You are simply NOT digesting your food and the undigested food is rotting and causing methane gas to form and along with the undigested food becomes the "fart" that smells. Eating LOW fat, NON fat... Read More »