How to Get Emailed Whenever a wikiHow Page is Edited?

Answer Do you want to keep an eye on a particular page on wikiHow? Would you like to watch your new page grow as it is edited and added to by other members of the community? Well, by the power of email, t... Read More »

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How can I print just one page of a 21 page document that was emailed to me?

Go to file print. In your page range select the pages that you want to print and then click print.

How to See Who Edited Your wikiHow Article?

So, you just wrote an article and you think you did a good job on it. But wait! Someone else edited it too! What did they do to it? Was it something you did wrong? Read this article to learn how to... Read More »

Why did this page change back after I edited it?

Hi there. Wikipedia has an abuse filter in place which kicks on whenever someone makes general vandalism changes such as blanking the page, or adding swear words or other inappropriate words to th... Read More »

How do people know that a Wikipedia page has been edited?

Well, to answer your main question, the "History" tab at the top of a page shows all of the edits made to that page. On the left of any Wikipedia page, there is a Recent Changes link, where people ... Read More »