How to Get Earphones out of Your Nasal Cavity?

Answer Okay. We have no idea how you got those earphones in there, but these instructions help you get them out. And for the public in the first place, please don't shove earphones up your nose.

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How to Get Rid of Serratia Marcescens in the Nasal Cavity?

A bacteria called Serratia Marcescens causes many illnesses and infections, including sinusitis. The sinuses are located within close proximity to the nasal membranes and are exposed during inhalat... Read More »

How is a puncture into the nasal cavity from a dry socket following a tooth extraction fixed?

Answer Usually you are given antibiotics to ward off any infection. And it will usually fix itself. That is my understanding. Answer A small surgical procedure is sometimes necessary to close t... Read More »

Why would a vaccine be administered into the nasal cavity to protect the reproductive tract?

It doesn't matter how we get the vaccine into your body, it works as long as it gets in there. It causes your body to create special cells in your blood that protect you if that kind of infectious ... Read More »

How do I know if a spider crawled up my nose while I was sleeping and laid babies in my nasal cavity or brain?

On average, a person swallows 7 spiders when they are sleeping over the course of their life.So just imagine how many spiders go up your nose.Little fella was probably just going to visit relatives.