How to Get Dual Citizenship to the United States and the United Kingdom?

Answer Those Americans who were born in the U.K. and lived there until the age of 10, or who were born to at least one British parent, or those who have been married to a British citizen for over three ye... Read More »

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Is it legal to have dual citizenship in the United States?

Yes, it is legal for U.S. citizens to have dual citizenship in both the U.S. and another country. The U.S. government expects all dual citizens to abide by the laws of both countries.Source:U.S. De... Read More »

Can people have dual citizenship with Canada and the United States?

A person can have dual citizenship in the United States and Canada. The person would have to be born in the United States and then acquire Canadian citizenship. When you become a citizen in the Uni... Read More »

United States and Irish Dual Citizenship Requirements?

Dual citizenship occurs when a person becomes a citizen of more than one country, either through birth, ancestry or naturalization. While a candidate must meet various criteria to become a dual cit... Read More »

Is a United States bachelor's degree accepted at a United Kingdom university?

Although the British refer to a bachelor's degree as a "first-degree" as opposed to an "undergraduate degree," they are considered to be equivalent in both countries. Therefore, a bachelor's degree... Read More »