How to Get Dogs and Cats to Get Along?

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Who has better hearing: dogs or cats?

Dogs hear noises between 67 hertz (Hz) and 45,000 Hz. Cats hear noises between 45 Hz and 64,000 Hz, according to information supplied by Louisiana State University. Cats have a larger range of nois... Read More »

What do cats and dogs taste like?

I don't know, my Mom has had dog, she was raised on the border of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, she said it was kind of heavy and too gamy and sweet for her. The Souix Indians ... Read More »

Can dogs and cats have babies together?

No, they are completely different species and cannot interbreed.

Why Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats?

Animal lovers have long debated between cats and dogs as being the preferred companion. Dog enthusiasts tout their four-legged favorite as having a longer list of virtues, such as being better exer... Read More »