How to Get Digital Satellite to Play on a Mac?

Answer A digital satellite signal requires a satellite receiver in order to decode the signal for viewing. To view (or "play") the digital satellite video on a Mac, input the signal with a digital TV adap... Read More »

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Satellite vs digital?

Satellite TV nowadays is digital. It works more or less the same as digital cable, but satellite dishes a re more complex and exacting, so you just cannot stick one up and split it to your TVs. Yo... Read More »

Are satellite TV stations going to be broadcast in digital?

Satellite broadcasters such as direct tv and dish network have all ways transmitted digital from day one.

Can a satellite receiver receive digital television?

Yes, satellite receivers can receive digital television. Satellite TV is a digital service, therefore providers, such as Dish Network and DirecTV, offer 100-percent digital quality television. Cons... Read More »

Can you hook up both satellite& digital converter boxes to a TV?

Yes, you can hook up a digital converter box to a TV that is also connected to a satellite box if your television set has more than one A/V input. You can use one of your television's A/V inputs to... Read More »