How to Get Dig in Pokémon Sapphire?

Answer Wondering how you get the TM dig in Pokémon Sapphire? This is an important TM to have if you plan on getting the three Regis.

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How to Get the HM Fly in "Sapphire"?

In "Pokemon Sapphire," Hidden Machines, or HMs, are special moves that your Pokemon use to help you reach new places. HMs let you surf across oceans, dig tunnels and light up dark caves. HM 02, Fly... Read More »

How to Get Eon Ticket on Sapphire?

The Eon Ticket of "Pokemon: Sapphire Version" is both an in-game item and a physical paper e-card that was given out as a promotion at various Toys R Us locations, at the E3 conference in 2003 and ... Read More »