How to Get Diesel Out of Your Tank?

Answer To prevent damage, do not drive your nondiesel vehicle using diesel gas. Otherwise, you might have to clean each engine component to remove the contamination rather than simply emptying the gas tan... Read More »

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Does a nozzle for diesel fuel fit into a non-diesel fuel tank?

A diesel nozzle is larger than a regular gasoline nozzle. For this reason, the diesel nozzle will not fit into the gasoline tank. On the other hand, most diesel fuel pumps are green, so drivers wit... Read More »

How to Install a Diesel Auxiliary Tank?

An auxiliary diesel fuel tank installed in the bed of your diesel-powered truck may be just what you need if you travel to remote areas where diesel filling stations are far and few between. An aux... Read More »

Diesel Fuel Tank Cleaning?

According to the Diesel Fuels website. the buildup of sludge and dirt in a diesel fuel tank is a normal part of the degradation of diesel fuel as it sits in the fuel tank of a vehicle.

How to Drain a Gas Tank in a F250 Diesel Truck?

If you need to remove the fuel tank on a Ford F-250 diesel truck due to a bad fuel pump, you need to remove at least three-quarters of the diesel from the fuel tank to make the tank manageable to h... Read More »