How to Get Customer Service Right Every Time?

Answer "The customer is always right," emerged as a credo attempting to cover everything anyone ever needed to know about stellar customer service -- and gave license to haughty customers everywhere to fe... Read More »

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Sky digital customer service- is this the worst customer service in britain.?

I was with Sky for years and never had a problem with their customer service. I moved to Virgin as at the time there package was cheaper, but I now know that you pay less for a service you get a po... Read More »

How to Get Good Customer Service when Talking to a Customer Service Representative?

There are thousands of products and services on the market that have customer service provided by thousands of customer service representatives. This is how to get those representatives to give you... Read More »

Why are geek squad techs such a bunch of imbeciles and why would anyone buy anything from Best Buy after experiencing their customer service the first time around?

hey people my mums iphone is acting strange when somebody calls it only vibrates it doesnt play the ringtone she setted can anyone help???

Who is a customer service or customer relations officer for DirecTV?

Games are "blacked out" locally because the game has not sold out all of the tickets available.If the game is sold-out, it is usually broadcast.