How to Get Curse Marks?

Answer Curse marks or curse seals are an aspect of the anime "Naruto. The ninja Orochimaru places these marks on people he wants to give more power to and also to control them. The seal releases chakra to... Read More »

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What happens if someone puts a curse on you?

On One Hand: You May Suffer a String of Bad LuckThose who are recipients of curses may notice that they are experiencing an unusual amount of bad luck in their lives, according to Agape Christian C... Read More »

Is biodiesel a boon or a curse?

On One Hand: It's a BoonMade from organic matter, such as soybean oil, biodiesel provides an alternative to traditional, petroleum-based fuels. Biodiesel is renewable and therefore reduces the Unit... Read More »

"The Curse Of The Black Pearl" Blu-ray?

I have both formats of the movie in question, dvd and the blu ray. As far as material is concerned(ie special features such as commentary/deleted scenes), I'm pretty certain they are both the same.... Read More »

How to Curse Your Worst Enemy?

Want to make enemies have a terrible life? You can here!