How to Get Creases Out of Velveteen?

Answer Velveteen is a notoriously delicate and beautiful fabric to care for. The delicate pile that creates the sheen and softness of velveteen requires careful planning before the cloth can be washed, st... Read More »

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How is velveteen made?

Velveteen is a woven fabric created from cotton and is often affixed to a seat back that may be twill. Velveteen is a napped fabric used for upholstery, crafts, clothing and stage costumes. Velvete... Read More »

How to Get Creases Out of a Toe Box?

The toe box refers to the area on the top of the shoe that covers your toes. Creases in the toe box can occur when someone stomps on your shoes or when the shoes are improperly packed in a suitcase... Read More »

How to: Military Creases?

Military regulations require sharp creases along specific areas of the front and back of some dress shirts. A military crease includes three creases on the back, two creases on the front and arm cr... Read More »

Why do we have wrist creases?

because they bend, we have them in the back of the knees, elbows and finger/toe joints too