How to Get Comfortable in a Dorm?

Answer Dorm life might seem like a dream... until you wake up and get there. Not only is the dorm small, but you have to share it with someone else. Plus, it feels like staying in a hotel- which might mak... Read More »

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Squeeze my big butt into a seat I'm not comfortable in or sit in a comfortable seat and risk standing out?

Sit where you're comfortable. You'll stand out more by being uncomfortable.

How to set up my tv in my dorm?

ask the people that run the dorm. they may have something already were you dont need the box or if you do they will tell you what you need and how to get it.

Which speakers are better for my dorm?

Well the Sony B3000's would be better because its a 3-way speaker with a sub, midrange, and tweater as compared to the B1000's which are only a 2-way speaker which requires a larger range of freque... Read More »


To sue you would have to prove how the wasp got it - it might just have landed on the back of your jacket, and you carried it right in yourself. If you are worried about bees and wasps you need two... Read More »