How to Get Clue Scrolls on RuneScape?

Answer Always hearing about people who have gotton rich off of clue scrolls? You can be one too.

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How to Get Clue Scrolls From Guards Fast in "RuneScape"?

Clue scrolls are reward items randomly dropped by certain monsters in "RuneScape." Each clue scroll contains riddles and puzzles leading to a specific location and eventually treasure. This is how ... Read More »

Runescape: How to Figure Out a Clue Scroll?

It's not uncommon to come across Treasure Trail clue scrolls after killing monsters or talking to a non-player character in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Runescape, which has b... Read More »

Are the Dead Sea Scrolls real?

The Dead Sea Scrolls are very real, although their significance is a matter of some debate. According to "The Wall Street Journal," the central issue is whether they constitute the work of a single... Read More »

Who owns the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Israel owns the Dead Sea Scrolls, and they are part of the Israel Antiquities Authority. They were discovered between 1947 and 1956 in the ancient settlement of Khirbet Qumran, near the coast of th... Read More »