How to Get Chapstick off a Wall?

Answer Whoops! Accidentally got Chapstick smeared over your walls? Oh no! Quickly! Follow these steps before mom finds out!

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What is the best chapstick?

I like blistex. they have a ton of them, I like various ones for different needs...daily I like the moisture splash...but sounds like you might want something like deep renewal. best of luck hun~x

Anything besides chapstick?

How to Make Chapstick?

Chapsticks do a great job in keeping the lips moisturized.A good chapstick can prevent dry lips and reduce lines on the lips.They keep lips supple,moist and soft.If you want to make chapstick at ho... Read More »

How to get over my Chapstick addiction?

Try drinking a small glass of water whenever you get the urge to apply Chapstick. Water will really help to moisten up your lips and get them a lot healthier. Good luck!