How to Get Certification As a Carbon-Neutral Business?

Answer Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned by environmental issues and are more influenced by marketing that suggests that a company is "green." One way for a business to indicate that it is env... Read More »

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How to Become Carbon Neutral with CleanMyCarbon.Com?

The average person pollutes our atmosphere with around 4 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide every year, which is contributing to so many problems for our environment, and is a big worry for our future. Howev... Read More »

How many protons does a neutral carbon atom have?

The atomic number identifies the number of protons in the nucleus (center) of an atom. It is often called the proton number, and is different for each element on the Periodic Table. Carbon (C) has ... Read More »

Carbon Neutral Ideas for Day Care Kids?

Being carbon neutral is important for the entire planet. Carbon neutrality means removing as much carbon dioxide as you put into the atmosphere. However, every time you drive a car or turn on the l... Read More »

How many covalent bonds does carbon form in neutral compounds?

Carbon's electron configuration gives it four electrons in its outermost shell. Consequently, carbon forms four covalent bonds with other atoms. These may be single bonds; double bonds, which count... Read More »