How to Get Candle Wax Out of Hair?

Answer The scenarios in which candle wax ends up in hair are endless, but getting it out may seem impossible. Wax can be removed by making it liquid again with heat (but not open flame) or dissolving it w... Read More »

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How to Remove Candle Wax From Hair?

If you've had hot candle wax land in your hair after blowing out a candle, you know it's not an easy to get rid of. Removing the candle wax with a scissors is not desirable, since you'll be giving ... Read More »

Why does a white candle burn faster than a colored candle?

A white candle burns faster than a colored candle because the coloring slows the burning. Also, see the link below.

Is there a candle store that sells any and every color of candle?

Lots of stores sell 'Yankee Candles' and there are also some Yankee candle stores. They come in all sizes, colours, and really nice smells. :)

Burn the candle or put it on a candle warmer Which keeps the smell longer?

Burn baby burn. Get one of those yankee candle toppers. They make the candle burn much more evenly. I have the metal one that fits the inside and it fits even the cheap candle jars. Don't get the o... Read More »