How to Get Burnt Marks Off of a Pot?

Answer Since the purpose of a pot is to apply heat to it, an eventual burn is almost unavoidable. While burned food and grease usually comes off with a heavy scrub, dark burn and scorch marks aren’t so ... Read More »

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How to Get Burnt Marks Off Nonstick Cookware?

Nonstick cookware will shed most food stains easily. But time and overheating can create a buildup of dark residue that stains nonstick surfaces. There are a number of expensive, brand name cleaner... Read More »

Went swimming and part of my boobs got burnt, Now the part that is burnt is swollen. How do I treat this?

pain relief at regular intervalsburn cream from the pharmacyanti-histamine such as claratyne / bendryllots of fluidsmulti vitamin / extra vitamin Ccool shower and light cotton clothing will help wi... Read More »

A plastic bottle cap touched the element in the dishwasher Now I cant get the burnt smell out And when I use it the dishes now have a burnt smell Will baking soda hurt the dishwasher if I use it?

Its about 80% likely depending on what dishwasher you have but it doesnt hurt to try once.

How to Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks, Get Rid of Dark Stretch Marks?

Nobody likes the appearance of ugly red and purple stretch marks on their bodies. However; it's sometimes apart of life. Things like pregnancy, weight gain and sudden growth spurts can cause stretc... Read More »